Experience Reality through 3D Animation

Know What is the Reality through 3D Animation: For the majority of people, 3D Animation is just a term related to movies, films and games. But to us architects and designers, 3D Animation means a whole lot more. It means, opportunity, a chance to fully express our thoughts and ideas!
The use of 3D Animation gives a more realistic look to the project, complete with the location, surroundings in the present location. The 3D walk through allows for better understanding of the construction plans to the customers.
The use of 3D Computer Graphics has proved to be very effective for architects, designers, and developers to convey their ideas.

A few questions asked are:
What is meant by Animation?
Consider a flip book which shows a ball bouncing. On each page, the ball is drawn at a different location from each other. Each drawing of the ball would be called a “frame”. When these photos are flipped through quickly, they produce an illusion of the ball bouncing.
3D Animation is something similar. It is the deception of motion through the rapid change of static images. Most animations move at 26 Frames per second to trick the brain.

What is meant by Experience Reality through 3D Animation?

3D Animation is also referred to as, 3D C.G.I (computer generated imagery). This is used for creating animated scenes. If you compare 3D to 2D or any traditional animation, you will feel that the 3D Graphics have much, more in-depth feeling, and looks much more realistic. Animated scenes start with just one picture, which is referred to a frame.

What is Graphic Animation?

Graphic Animation is a different version of ‘stop motion’. It’s a concept, more related with ‘flat cel animation’ and paper drawing animation.

What is the role of computer animation in computer graphics?
Computer Animation is the process of creating moving images through the help of computers. It’s a sub-field of computer graphics and animation. It is created by the means of 3D computer graphics. Although, 2D Graphics are used for slower connections and faster real-time rendering needs.

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